What is SPF?

S – is your Spiritual Health

P – is your Physical Health

F – is your Financial Health

Each of these “Healths” should be worked on Daily.

S – Spiritual – Start Each Day by Reading Something Inspirational or doing some type of Meditation.  How You Start Your Day Determines How your day will be. It’s Totally Up to You. Chose to have A Awesome Day and You Will.

P – Physical – Exercise Everyday, NO EXCUSES. Find something that you love doing that just happens to be exercise. Walking, jogging, biking are some options. Just do Something Everyday. I Guarantee You Will Feel And Look So Much Better.

F – Financial – Start a Business that Provides a Service needed by Almost Everyone. Money management is such a business.


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That’s It.  Do These Things Everyday and You Will Have An Amazing Life!